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Our Heritage

Raffles Girls Primary School (RGPS)

Started with very humble beginnings in the 1940s. After World War II, RGPS, which was then a secondary-school, moved back to Queen Street in 1946, and started primary classes in the afternoons.

By 1959, RGPS became a full-fledged primary school in its own right, as a separate entity from the secondary school. As the sole occupant of the Queen Street campus, RGPS became a double session school.

RGPS gradually acquired a strong reputation as a premier girls school. As early as the 1960s, balloting took place as the demand for places surged. Parents came armed with blankets to camp overnight for an early place in the queue during school registration.

Recognising the high demand for places, RGPS moved to a larger premises at Holland Grove Road in 1978. The school continued to blaze a trail, and in 1984 was selected as one of the two pilot primary schools for the Gifted Education Programme.

In 1999, RGPS moved once more to its present campus at Hillcrest Road and was termed a mega-school with enrolment by the thousands. Built to accommodate more than 2000 pupils, this is a ringing endoresement of the continued popularity of RGPS which to this day and age.