President's Message

I am humbled and deeply honoured to be taking over the helm of the RGPS AA. Together with my dedicated team of office bearers, we look forward to a productive and fulfilling term in office as we strive to enhance our engagement with our Alumni, RGPS and stakeholders.

My memories at RGPS (Mount Sinai Campus) have been beautiful and vivid. Swinging and sharing stunts on the ‘monkey’ bars, carrying out the chilli challenge at the prawn mee stall in the canteen, walking on the RGPS bridge of love over the pond and making pom-poms out of raffia string and practicing a dance routine during my P5 year with the entire cohort to Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’ are examples of eventful memories I had of my days in RGPS. Primary school was indeed the place where my character was shaped and where my values were developed.

I recall how after I discovered the gender of my eldest child was a female, the next thing I remarked to my husband was that she is going to study at RGPS. Moving forward, three daughters later, I am glad and thankful that my three best friends and I are all girls of RGPS.
We will be collaborating with school for various events. P1 Welcome Gift, Raffles Experience Day, Library Week Activities, Merchandise Sale during Orientation Day, P6 Graduation Party and Pre-P1 Gathering. There will be many activities lined up for 2021 and we are very honoured to be part of it. We are now in the midst of planning and coordinating and I look forward to you participating in the activities with your daughters. I hope AA can be more connected, more inclusive and more involved in our girls’ journey in RGPS.

The Alumni Association (AA) is well-positioned to be the bridge between the school, our Junior Members (JMs), our girls and our members. Over the past 2 years, we have initiated many programs which are more inclusive and holistic for our girls. During my term as the President, I aspire to continue our CARES mantra to further connect the different generations of RGPS Girls. In order to do so, I would like to welcome you to join our ACES Team to support:

Through the ACES (AA Committee External Support) initiative,

  1. Events
  2. Administrative matters
  3. Financials
  4. Legal matters
  5. Liaison with school

For members joining the ACES, they will be placed in the various activities on a project basis. If you have specific skills and would like to share your expertise with the girls, do let us know how you wish to help.

Thank you so much for your kind support and I look forward to your participation.

Do also join our closed Facebook group to be kept updated of the programs.

Evelyn Wu (Ms)
RGPS Alumni Committee 2021/22